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How to Make Wikipedia Account Free

How to Make Wikipedia Account Free?

I hope everyone is well.Today’s topic is: – How to Make Wikipedia Account Free.

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a cell or a huge book that contains information about everything.

This website contains everything from all countries. Everything from the place to the dog’s tribe is here. Here are the names of all the famous people.

How to Make Wikipedia Accounts Free Its Answer. No one will be able to give their name or list with money because no fake information can be given in it.

Fast Method is to first go to the link of their official website link: – Wikipedia. Clicking on the name will take you to their website.

Then you will see above the text logged in. Click here to open your Gmail account with your name. After opening, you will write your own name in the search of Wikipedia. After writing, you will see that if there is no page in your name, you will be asked to open a new page.


How to Make Wikipedia Account Free?

IS Wikipedia for everyone?

No, this is a complete misconception because it contains all the real information and if they give any information other than the real one, they delete it. So first of all we have to think about what we deserve.

That kind of page approves Wikipedia.

  • 1. Location
  •  2. Office
  • 3. Shop
  • 4. Pictures
  • 5. Companion

There are thousands of options to think about. If you are a normal person, you will never create a page.

Create your own cup beforehand so that you don’t have to create your own. To create this page you need to have your name on Google and your name on the big official website. Here, even though you created a fake page, if they don’t find your name on Google, they will delete it


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