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How to put your name on Google

How to put your name on Google.

I hope everyone is well and everyone wants his name to be in Google.Now the main thing is whose name does Google put in their data?

  • 1. Musical Artist
  • 2.Youtuber
  • 3.Actor
  • 4.Writer
  • 5.blogger
  • 6.Penter
  • 7.Famous
  • 8. Famous Engineer
  • 9.Politician
  • 10.Company

There are many more things that cannot be finished. Your name or your knowledge panel will be created in Google Automatic, But here you have the job, if Google does not have your data, then how Google will highlight your name. Your name and data for creating your own knowledge panel 20 Top Ranking Sites or Must have verify account on Platform.

Knowledgeable Panal Picture

If you are a political leader, your name will be on many news websites, YouTube or anything else. Many people search your name on Google, so Google will make your knowledge panel very far away. If you don’t have anything, you can do it in a fake way. For that you have to buy a website in your own name. Such as my name: – Mahim Masum then the name of the website will be Remember that this website has all the information you need and you will introduce yourself as a Musical Artist.

If you put your name online all the time, starting from Facebook, then everything will happen. This can be a problem if you have someone else in your name

If you want to become a Musical Artist, you need to have your own Blue Bage on some big music platforms. For example: Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Play music. If you have Blue Bage on 4/5 big sites then it will be very easy to create Google Knowledge Panel. If you follow the rules correctly, you will be able to do it very far.

I will post the Knowledge Panel Claim in Mext Article.

Mahim Masum
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