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How to add Adsence on the website?

How to add Adsence on the website?

I hope everyone is well. Many people are earning thousands of rupees just by posting on their website but it is not so easy.

First of all you have to design the website well and post quality. Some rules that have to be followed.

  1.  The site must be 3/4 months old.
  2. The site must have 30+ posts.
  3. All posts must be very standard.
  4. All posts must have more than 300 words.
  5. Must be Them Premier of the site. Such as: – J news,Newspaper X, Us Newspaper.
  6. Must have a view on the site’s post.
  7. it is better to have webpages on the site.
  8.  Any post on the site so that it is not copied.
  9. All the posts on the site are different.
  10. The site has a variety of keywords so that the site can be found by searching.
  11. About us, Content us, Privacy, Disclaim You have to add this gula site page [If you don’t have this gula, you won’t give 100%]
  12. It would be good if the name of your website is written in all the pics of the site.

If the website is in the top list, then it becomes very easy to get Adsence. You have to have real view on the webpage, you have to have real traffic.

The keywork of some posts of the site should be very unique, so that there is a link to your site in the top 10 webpages.

If there is any violet in the website, then there are many problems to get ads on the site.

It will be very beneficial to add DMCA to the site before Adsence is approved on the site.

As die webwerf in die toplys is, word Adsence baie maklik. U moet ‘n werklike uitsig op die webblad hê, u moet verkeer hê

Mahim Masum
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