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How to create a website very easily?

How to create a website very easily?

Hope everybody is well. Having a website is very important in our way of life because now everything is done online at Kar Jagang.

Now all the shops, banks, hospitals, etc. have their own websites. Now the question is what do they do with all these websites?

If someone searches the name of the bank because of the use of the website, then the reason for the website is that it will come to the top of Google, so you think their sales will increase. So everyone needs to have a website.

How to create a website will now be discussed.

First of all you have to buy the domain you like. For example: -My company name is Mahim Limited then I will take the domain or. net, Tv There are many more domains.

You can buy a 1 year domain for 500 rupees and a 2/3 year domain for 900 rupees.

Buy hosting after taking the domain. There are videos on adding domains with hosting on many YouTube channels that you can watch if you want.

After domain + hosting you need to design your website. If you want to take the site to the top rank, then you have to use different types of Keyword and KeyPage.

By using the website you can also give your care. For example:; Creating a website in your own name, my name is Mahim Masum, then you have to open a website with

And you have to put your own details in the keyword of the website site. If someone writes something in your details in Google, it will come to the top.

This will create a knowledge panel in your name on Google and if someone searches with your name then all the details will come up starting from the pic which we will give on the website.

Mahim Masum
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