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Desi Love Story 2021 Part-7


Desi Love Story 2021

I saw my elder brother and Mejho Bhabi busy meeting their needs.
As soon as I came to the door, I saw the scene of this evil deed of the two of them.
I knocked on the door and went inside
I read.
Then their whole body can be seen.
They both looked at me in horror.

Desi Love Story 2021

the brother ran to the bathroom. And the future ??
And Bhabhi put the bed sheet on herself.

Bhabhi is not saying anything. Sitting quietly.
After a while, the brother came out of the bathroom, bowed his head and went to his room.

I started telling Bhabhi

– Shh Bhabhi Shh ,,, could you do that ?? You don’t screen. I have never seen your face. And you also wear handkerchiefs and burqas all the time.
You always pray.
Talking about Islam all the time. Where did your destiny go? And the biggest thing is –
You are my middle brother’s wife. How could I do this evil deed with my elder brother?

– Please Apu, don’t tell these things to anyone. If your brother knows, don’t put me to sleep anymore.
(Sharifa bhabi with head bowed)

– Shh
I went to the room ,,,
Let’s hear my identity,
I am Apu,
This time I will be admitted in Inter First Year. As far as my family is concerned,
Mom – Dad. Big brother – Bhabhi ,,. ,, Mejho brother – Bhabhi and I. My family consists of seven people.
Grandparents died long ago.

Big brother does business. Bhabhi has a daughter for 2 years.

And Mejho Bhai is in the army. He is currently on a mission. Brother and sister-in-law have been married for 1 year and a few months.

Bd Love Story 2021 Part-6


Bd Love Story 2021

And do not look back. Looking back, only Maya will grow and nothing more. Cyan Tuli is watching Abir go.

“How holy is the love of Abir. There is no base. Yet the love of Abir has not been fulfilled. The satisfaction that is found in getting the man of love is only a few days.

Tuli is sitting in the car with a sullen face. Cyan is diving.

“What happened to Tuli?”

Tuli says with a swollen cheek

“No talking

“What did I do again

“I will not say that

“If not, how do I know?”

“That’s right. I’m fine

“Hmm, please

“I’m sick, you have no worries. The doctor doesn’t want to see you either. Will he run out of money? Look, my father has money. I’ll pay for my father’s treatment.”


“Well done

“Do it


Bd Love Story 2021

“Why are you angry?

“What happened to you?”

“Nothing happened to you, Tuli.”

“Then why does my head hurt? Why does my body feel weak? How does it feel?”

“There are reasons

“What a reason

“I’ll tell you

“Hmm,” he said

“I will make a football team

“I made it when I died

Cyan stops the car. Agni looks at Tuli

“What did I do again?”

“What did you say right now?

“I do not know

“Tell me why

“I’m sorry


Tuli grabbed his ear and said with an innocent face

“I do not know

Cyan smiled and hugged Tuli.

“My brush is pregnant

Tuli shrugged and moved away


“Beating? If I was pregnant, I would have vomited
“Vomiting does not always occur during pregnancy.

“You know how

The doctor said


“I’ve been teasing you for a few days now. How are you? I doubted. I called the doctor. I took you for a checkup that day. But I didn’t tell you. Everyone in the house knows except you.”

“I am really pregnant

Tuli jumps into the car. Cyan sits down

“If I jump, I will break my leg.

“I’m angry
Tuli got out of the car.
“I will not talk to you

It will continue

I will finish in another part #my crash

Bangladesh Love Story 2021 Part -5


Bangladesh Love Story 2021

Tuli has been waiting for Cyan since she was wearing sari bangles but Cyan is not coming. It’s getting late in the afternoon

“I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting in the song. There’s no name to come. Who knows what he’s doing? He’s just working and working all the time. He doesn’t notice that there’s a beautiful wife in the house.”

Tuli’s phone rang.

“Hello, I’ve been getting dressed ever since. Where are you?”

“Out of the house. Come on

“My head is spinning

“Come on

“Hmm, I’m coming

Tuli looks out in the mirror once.

“Where is Tuli going now?”

Tuli looked back and saw her mother-in-law

“I’m going out with mother Cyan

“Will be back home before evening

“I will try

“Don’t take too much air. Go carefully

“Okay, my QT mother-in-law. I’m coming

Tuli said goodbye to her mother-in-law and left. Cyan is standing with his back to the car with his hands in his pockets. The brush is coming from afar. Cyan is watching

“Hello Mr.
Tuli says with a smile

“Hi Mrs.

“Why so late?

“Why are you dressing up so much?

“To impress the boys


“Your wife

“I will not go

“What a relief I made for you


“Three truths

“But I never bought you this sari

Cyan’s eyebrows are raised in anticipation of the brush. Tuli is rubbing her hands and looking down. Tuli looks at Cyan and Cyan dances with her eyebrows. I mean


“Why don’t you go and do what you can’t do

Tuli now frowned at Cyan. Sayan gently hugs Tuli with both hands

“You can’t lie. Still, why try to lie? Who gave you the sari? Why did you read it? I have no interest in it. Anyone can give a gift. It’s normal.

Bangladesh Love Story 2021


Bangladesh Love Story 2021 Part-4


Bangladesh Love Story

If I have to show my maturity to him, he is not my boyfriend.
If my madness and mischief do not touch his tired eyes, he will not love me.

Bangladesh Love Story
If he can’t hear my unreasonable chatter with great patience, then where is he and me!
My complaint is that he is not arrogant but an excuse, but he is not my favorite person.

In this mechanical city we just find our man.
Who has a little time to give me even after hundreds of engagements.
It is a matter of fate to find such people.
When you find someone like that, the precedents increase, the desire to show rights.
The mind wants to draw again by showing unnecessary anger.
Love is just like that.
You don’t look old anymore,
Either just looking at the man’s mind.
The mind has no age or maturity.
The real beauty is in the liveliness of the mind.

@ Image_captioned.

তার কাছে যদি আমার ম্যাচুরিটি দেখাতে হয় তবে সে আমার প্রেমিক না।
আমার পাগলামো আর দুষ্টমি গুলো যদি তার ক্লান্ত চোখকে স্পর্শ না করে, তবে সে আমায় ভালোবাসে না।
প্রচন্ড ধৈর্য নিয়ে সে যদি আমার অহেতুক বকবক না শুনতে পারে,তবে সে আর আমার হলো কোথায়!
আমার অভিযোগ যার কাছে অভিমান না হয়ে বরং অজুহাত তবে সে আমার প্রিয় মানুষ না।

এই যান্ত্রিক শহরে আমরা শুধু আমাদের মানুষটাকে খুঁজে বেড়ায়।
যার কাছে শত ব্যস্ততার পরও আমাকে দেবার মতো একটু সময় আছে।
এমন মানুষ পাওয়া ভাগ্যের ব্যাপার।
এমন কাউকে পেলে,বায়নাগুলো বেড়ে যায়,অধিকার দেখাতে ইচ্ছে করে।
অযথা রাগ দেখিয়ে আবার কাছে টানতে মন চায়।
ভালোবাসা ঠিক এমনি।
তোমার বয়স আর ম্যাচুরিটি দেখে হয় না,
হয় শুধু মানুষটির মন দেখে।
মনের কোনো বয়স কিংবা ম্যাচুরিটি থাকে না।
মনের সজীবতায় হলো আসল সৌন্দর্য।


ভালেবাসা একটি অনুভূতী যা বলা যায়  বুঝা যায় নাহ


Bangladesh Love story 2021 Part -3


Bangladesh Love story


It took me another ten minutes to get out after the college holidays. When I got out, I saw Nehal standing with his bike.

I remembered many years ago.
After getting Golden A Plus in SSC, Nehal bought an uncle’s bike after getting up on Inter. Nehal’s excitement after getting his own bike.
Immediately Nehal appeared at our house. There was no word in his mouth, his words were not coming out of his throat as he was very excited. Somehow he grabbed my hand and pulled me down.
Nehal’s parents suddenly became a little unprepared when they saw this madness. They stood on the verandah and looked down.

I went downstairs and saw my uncle standing with the bike. Nehal started the bike with the bike key from his uncle’s hand. Then he put me behind and ran away.
On that day we went far and wide. We crossed the city boundary and went to the village. Field after field of paddy fields, the river flowing beside it. The clear crystal clear water of the river. We both got off the bike and drank water.
I became intoxicated by the smell of wild flowers.

It was evening when I returned home. I went so far alone without my first parents and brothers.
From then on he used to come to college with Nehal.

Seeing me standing still, Nehal honked his bike. I came back to reality from imagination. Then he went and sat on Nehal’s bike. As he was leaving, Nehal asked me, “Did you have lunch?”

“I’ll go home.”

Bangladesh Love story

“I didn’t. Let’s eat out today.”

“No, I’ll go home and eat. Mom will wait for me.”

Nehal was a little disappointed when he heard me. He was silent for a while and said, “Kajal, I have met you after so many years, but you can’t break the rules and eat with me even today?”

Bangladeshi Love story 2021 Part-2


Bangladeshi Love story 2021 Part-2

Now I am making a family. I am living with my family in a normal way. I am fine with my husband and children.With whom every promise was being fulfilled today, but the man is just different. Divya, for whom there was a place in my mind, today someone else is living.Yes, people change when they get in touch with good people. A faithful shoulder is enough for a good night’s sleep.

Now fasting does not come in my dream, I do not wipe away the tears silently. I am happy with the one whom I have found in my destiny.

My husband is constantly kissing the forehead where Siam was supposed to kiss. Keep in mind that Waller hints at what goes on. Whatever happens happens for the better. Whose destiny will be where it is for one reason or another.

Bangladeshi Love story 2021 Part-2

Happiness If the one above has allocated for you, someone will come and fulfill it. Someone will teach you to live in a hurry, maybe today or tomorrow.

Táim an-sásta mo bhuachaill ceithre bliana d’aois a fhágáil agus pósadh.

Bangladeshi Love story 2021

Má fhágann fear an ghrá an saol nó má chailleann sé fear an ghrá, ní féidir an saol a shábháil.
Dealraíonn sé seo ridiculous sa lá atá inniu ann.

Nuair a bhí mé san Idirbhliain, thit mé i ngrá le buachaill darb ainm Siam níos mó ná mé féin. Thaitin sé go mór le Siam agus liomsa. Níor cheap mé riamh go bpósfainn duine seachas Siam. Ba ghnách liom ainmneacha beirt a scríobh ar gach balla agus binse ar champas an choláiste. Ba ghnách liom labhairt lena chéile ar feadh i bhfad. D’fhillfinn abhaile ag an am céanna tar éis an choláiste. Scríobh mé litreacha oíche i ndiaidh leathanaigh.

Má bhí an caidreamh an-domhain agus fearg, arrogance agus quarrels ann gach lá. Ná déan iarracht teagmháil a dhéanamh liom ar chúis ar bith
Ní raibh, ina shuí taobh le taobh, ach níor leomh lámh a choinneáil.

Ansin i 2004, bhí an limistéar iomlán faoi uisce. An lá sin chuaigh Siam agus mé féin ar turas báid. Tar ar ais abhaile tráthnóna. Tháinig mé abhaile agus chonaic mé a lán aíonna. Teaghlach le fupus beag, cosúil le teach pósta. Dúirt Grandpa liom freshen suas. Rinne mé freshened go ciúin agus chuaigh mé go dtí seomra grandpa.

Tá Grandpa ag rá liom arís agus arís eile go bhfuil mé fásta. Caithfidh mé pósadh. Is féidir liom a rá láithreach nach féidir liom pósadh anois. Ach, dúirt Grandpa liom go bhfuil Fupu ag teacht go dtí ár dteach tar éis 5 bliana. B’fhéidir nach bhfuil aon chinnteacht ann cathain a thiocfaidh sé ar ais ón Iodáil. Tá mo phósadh lena mac is sine Rahat comhthoiliúil le toiliú mo thuismitheoirí agus mo theaghlaigh. Bhí díomá orm a chloisteáil nach bhféadfadh Siam mé a phósadh fiú dá mba mhian léi.

Buailim le Siam an lá dar gcionn. Chuala Siam gach rud agus dúirt sé liom, “Pósann tú de réir rogha d’athar. Íocann m’athair as m’oideachas féin. Conas is féidir liom tú a thabhairt isteach i mo shaol?” Bhí an-imní orm an leithscéal troscadh seo a fheiceáil. Choinnigh mé súil ghéar, sin bealach aisteach le rá go héasca agus d’imigh mé as radharc. Bhí mé an-maslach an lá sin, tháinig mé ar ais ón gcúl ag caoineadh.

Déanaim iarracht a lán tuismitheoirí a bhainistiú sa bhaile. Luigh mé sa leaba gan ithe ar feadh dhá lá, ghearr mé mo lámha agus fuiliú. Déanaim gach rud is féidir liom chun mé féin a choinneáil amach as an domhan. Ach ní raibh mé in ann. Bhí an grá eadrainn chomh domhain. Ach tar éis an lae sin ní raibh mé in ann teacht ar ghrá níos mó. Theip orm an lá sin. Cuireadh iallach orm glacadh le focail m’athar gan chabhair. Phós mé agus bhog mé go dtí an Iodáil laistigh de 17 lá.

Anois tá teaghlach á dhéanamh agam. Táim i mo chónaí le mo theaghlach ar bhealach gnáth. Táim go maith le m’fhear céile agus mo leanaí. Cé a bhí gach gealltanas á chomhlíonadh inniu, ach tá an fear díreach difriúil. Divya, a raibh áit i m’intinn dó, inniu tá duine éigin eile ina chónaí. Sea, athraíonn daoine nuair a théann siad i dteagmháil le daoine maithe. Is leor gualainn dílis d’oíche mhaith codlata.

Anois nach dtagann troscadh i mo bhrionglóid, ní chaithim na deora go ciúin. Táim sásta leis an té a d’aimsigh mé i mo chinniúint.

Bíonn m’fhear i gcónaí ag pógadh an forehead áit a raibh Siam ceaptha a phógadh. Coinnigh i gcuimhne go dtugann Waller leid ar a bhfuil ar siúl. Is fearr ar bith a tharlóidh. Cé a bheidh i ndán dó ar chúis amháin nó ar chúis eile.

Má thugann an té thuas sonas duit, tiocfaidh duine chun é a chomhlíonadh. Múinfidh duine éigin duit maireachtáil faoi dheifir, b’fhéidir inniu nó amárach

Bangladesh Love story 2021


Bangladesh Love story 2021


I am very happy to leave my four-year-old boyfriend and get married.If the man of love leaves life or loses the man of love, life cannot be saved.

This seems ridiculous nowadays.When I was in Inter First Year, I fell in love with a boy named Siam more than myself. He loved Siam and me a lot.

never thought I would marry someone other than Siam. i use to write the names of two people on every wall and bench on the college campus.

me used to talk to each other for a long time. I would return home at the same time after college. i used to write letters night after page Bangladesh Love story 2021

If the relationship was very deep and there was anger, arrogance and quarrels every day. Never try to touch me for any reason
Didn’t, sitting side by side, but did not dare to hold hands.

Then in 2004, the whole area was flooded. That day Siam and i went for a boat ride. Come back home in the afternoon.I came home and saw many guests. Family with small fupus, like a marriage house.

Grandpa told me to be fresh. i quietly went to Grandpa’s room to freshen up.Grandpa is telling me over and over again that I have grown up. I need to get married.

I can say straight away that it is not possible for me to get married now. But, Grandpa told me that Fupu is coming to our house after 5 years.

Maybe there is no certainty when he will come back from Italy. My marriage with her eldest son Rahat is consensual with the consent of my parents and family.

I was devastated to hear that Siam could not marry me even if she wanted to.yet I meet Siam the next day. Siam heard everything and told me, “You get married as per your father’s choice.

My father pays for my own education. How can I bring you into my life?” was very upset to see this excuse of fasting.

me stared at it with a stern look, but it was strangely easy to say. Me was very abusive that day,I came back from behind crying.

i try to manage a lot of parents back home. me lie in bed without eating for two days, cut my hands and bleed.  do everything can to keep myself out of the world. But I couldn’t. The love between us was so deep.

But after that day me could not find any more love.  failed that day.  was forced to accept my father’s words helplessly.I got married and moved to Italy within 17 days.

According to the Saraswati Part-2


According to the Saraswati Part-2

  1. That is why we see how Hindus have filled the internet by writing short stories imagining sexual relations with their mothers and sisters.
  2. And its terrible ill effects we see in our social life today. An insatiable family from Kolkata has come up with a cruel picture of which.
  3. Those who come at one time and think of their human values ​​and moral decay become psycho or suicide.
  4. Psychologists say that these unrealistic fiction stories can have a bad effect on the minds of the new generation.
  5. Which is a social life that can be a terrible threat to civilization. Therefore,it is very important to awaken human values.
  6. At the root of the decline of Hinduism and society, and for two to two and a half thousand years,has been the contribution of sexual pornography to the
  7. conversion of Hindus to other religions in groups.Now come to the main discussion. The main text of Hinduism is called Veda.
  8. That is why many people call Hinduism as Vedic religion. The Vedas of Hinduism are four; Namely Rigveda, Samveda, Atharvaveda and Yajurveda.
  9. This Yajurveda is divided into two parts — one is Krishnayajurveda or Taittariya Sanhita and the other is Shuklayajurveda;
  10. This Shuklayajurveda is again divided into two parts, a Satpatha Brahman and a Brhadaranyakopanishad.
  11. In the Satpatha Brahman of the Shuklayajurveda, women are compared as follows: Compassionate theologians may try to justify this statement of the Satpatha
  12. Brahman with a different interpretation, but the next verse contains the socio-economic position of women in the eyes of Hinduism; “Women should be weakened with lightning or sticks,
  13. so that they have no right over their own bodies or property” (4/4/2/13).According to the Saraswati Is there any need for a clear statement from this? In the Brihadaranyakopanishad,
  14. sage Yajnavalkya said, “If the wife refuses to satisfy her husband’s sexual desire, the husband will first try to ‘buy’ her with a gift, but if she also disagrees,Devi
  15. he will beat her with his hand or stick and bring her under his control” (6/4/6, 1/9/2) / 14) . Devi Bhagavata says about the character of women (9: 1): “Women are like leeches,
  16. constantly drinking the blood of men. Stupid men don’t understand it, because they are fascinated by women’s acting.
  17. The man who thinks he is a wife robs the woman of semen and all the wealth and mind in a crooked love affair. ”

According to the Saraswati-Purana


According to the Saraswati-Purana

  1. Brahma used to masturbate (Kabiraji masturbates in Bengali) when he saw gi.According to the Saraswati-Purana
  2. His sperm was stored in a container in which sage Agastya was born and Agastya gave birth to Saraswati.
  3. According to this source, Saraswati is the granddaughter of Brahma. Another source says that Saraswati was born.
  4. directly from the sperm of Brahma. But the butterfly was fascinated by Atmaja’s form. She wants to have sex with him.
  5. Saraswati ran away to escape the desire of her birth mother. But till the end the rate has to be obeyed by the desire of Brahma
  6. .Brahma and Saraswati live like husband and wife in the lotus flower.
  7. For almost 100 years. Their son’s name is ‘Swayambhub Manu’ and daughter is ‘Shatarupa’.
  8. But even then the perverted sexual desire of Brahma did not decrease.
  9. Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, cursed Brahma.
  10. Said, the butterfly Brahma will not be in the mainstream of the gods. That is, he will not be worshiped.
  11. True, Brahma does not fall into the mainstream of Hindu deities.
  12. His temples and worship are rare except his Pushkar in Rajasthan. Angered, Saraswati left him. Transformed from goddess to river.
  13. Then they also had intercourse with each other and as a result of their union Brahma got two.
  14. grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. (Matsya Purana 3:32; Bhagavata Purana 3: 12-26)
  15. Think about it, if the gods / gods / incarnations of the Hindu religion have such a character
  16. , then how can the Hindus themselves be better ??? The question arises, do Hindus not read these scriptures?

If they fall, do they not see this filth?

If they see it, don’t they think it is actually an iniquity in the name of religion?

And those who fall become atheists without finding the last resort,

even if they become atheists, the activities of the gods remain in their minds.

Due to which they unknowingly follow the gods

What is DMCA and how it works.


What is DMCA and how it works

The DMCA is a copyright company or company through which all copyrighted work is done online.DMCA and how it works

DMCA has 5 types of departments.

  1. Webmaster
  2. Social Carriage Copyright
  3. Google copyright sections
  4. App development Copyright Section
  5. Artist And celebrity Copyright Sectio

DMCA is a site that does not have a country where it is not used. This gula is used in everything, suppose you use a Facebook account DMCA WORK.

If you post a pic on your Facebook or page without anyone else’s permission, then the owner of the main pic can delete the pic with a copyright strike

The DMCA is a copyright company or company through which all copyrighted work is done online.

Also, if you use a pic on your website, you can delete the pic using Webmaster and move the website from their position manually.

Even if an artist has copied songs or pictures, his songs or videos can be removed very easily.

If someone has copied any template of the app without permission, then anyone can copy or remove it through copyright.

If someone cashes in the copyright, they have to pay a lot of money, starting from 4,000 to ০০ 500,000.

The main driver of copyright is DMCA.Dmca Employees have a separate coding source to find real content.

DMCA হলো একটি কপিরাইট কম্পানি বা যার মাধ্যমে আনলাইনের সকল কপিরাইট এর কাজ হয়ে থাকে।DMCA এর মধ্যে নানা ধরনের আলাদা আলাদা ভাগ রয়েছে।

DMCA এর ডিপার্টমেন্ট ৫ ধরনের ভাগ রয়েছে।

2.Social Carriage Copyright
3.Google copyright Sections
4.App development Copyright Section
5.Artist And celebrity Copyright Sectio

DMCA এমন একটা সাইট যেটা এমন কোনো দেশ নাই যেখানে এটা ব্যবহার করা হয় নাহ।সকল কিছুতেই এই গুলা ব্যবহার করা হয়, মনে করুন আপনি ফেসবুক একাউন্ট ব্যবহার করো।

যদি কোনো Artist গান কিংবা ছবি কপি করে থাকে তাহলেও চাইলে তার গান কিংবা ভিডিও রিমুভ করা যাবে খুব সহজে।

App এর কোনো টেম্পলেট যদি কেউ অনুমিত ছাড়া কপি করে থাকে তাহলে যে কেউ কপিরাইট এর মাধ্যমে তার উপর ক্যাস বা রিমুভ করতে পারবে।