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According to the Saraswati Part-2

According to the Saraswati Part-2

  1. That is why we see how Hindus have filled the internet by writing short stories imagining sexual relations with their mothers and sisters.
  2. And its terrible ill effects we see in our social life today. An insatiable family from Kolkata has come up with a cruel picture of which.
  3. Those who come at one time and think of their human values ​​and moral decay become psycho or suicide.
  4. Psychologists say that these unrealistic fiction stories can have a bad effect on the minds of the new generation.
  5. Which is a social life that can be a terrible threat to civilization. Therefore,it is very important to awaken human values.
  6. At the root of the decline of Hinduism and society, and for two to two and a half thousand years,has been the contribution of sexual pornography to the
  7. conversion of Hindus to other religions in groups.Now come to the main discussion. The main text of Hinduism is called Veda.
  8. That is why many people call Hinduism as Vedic religion. The Vedas of Hinduism are four; Namely Rigveda, Samveda, Atharvaveda and Yajurveda.
  9. This Yajurveda is divided into two parts — one is Krishnayajurveda or Taittariya Sanhita and the other is Shuklayajurveda;
  10. This Shuklayajurveda is again divided into two parts, a Satpatha Brahman and a Brhadaranyakopanishad.
  11. In the Satpatha Brahman of the Shuklayajurveda, women are compared as follows: Compassionate theologians may try to justify this statement of the Satpatha
  12. Brahman with a different interpretation, but the next verse contains the socio-economic position of women in the eyes of Hinduism; “Women should be weakened with lightning or sticks,
  13. so that they have no right over their own bodies or property” (4/4/2/13).According to the Saraswati Is there any need for a clear statement from this? In the Brihadaranyakopanishad,
  14. sage Yajnavalkya said, “If the wife refuses to satisfy her husband’s sexual desire, the husband will first try to ‘buy’ her with a gift, but if she also disagrees,Devi
  15. he will beat her with his hand or stick and bring her under his control” (6/4/6, 1/9/2) / 14) . Devi Bhagavata says about the character of women (9: 1): “Women are like leeches,
  16. constantly drinking the blood of men. Stupid men don’t understand it, because they are fascinated by women’s acting.
  17. The man who thinks he is a wife robs the woman of semen and all the wealth and mind in a crooked love affair. ”
Mahim Masum
Mahim Masum born on 2002 is an Bangladeshi Musician artist who has made a big name in the digital marketing world. Mahim is an artist, entrepreneur, blogger, web designer, to name a few. he was born and brought up in Shipchor, Madaripur, Bangladesh. Since childhood, he had keen interest in trying new things. His classmates recall that his thinking style was different than many other individuals in the class. He never hesitated in experimenting


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