After this incident, Ibn Saad left Islam and returned to Mecca - Newsteamincecto After this incident, Ibn Saad left Islam and returned to Mecca - Newsteamincecto
March 6, 2021, 5:09 pm

After this incident, Ibn Saad left Islam and returned to Mecca

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The renowned Ohi writer Abdullah Ibn Saad Ibn Abi Sarah fully understood that the Quran is the talk of Muhammad. Let’s get to know his story.

This Abdullah Ibn Saad was the step brother of Khalifa Usman. When Muhammad fled from Mecca to Medina i.e. Hijrat, then the heart cries for Muhammad Ibn Saad. Ibn Saad went to Medina and converted to Islam. Since he was educated, Muhammad gave him the responsibility of writing Ohi. However, before a few days, the intelligent Ibn Saad started doubting whether the Quran is the word of Allah. Because in the Qur ‘ an, Muhammad’s personal conversation comes frequently and Muhammad is given all opportunities. Maid sex, battalion sex, multi marriages, mathematics etc. Meanwhile one day Muhammad got Ohi and asked Saad to write. That was the number 14 verse of Surah Mu ‘ Minun.

′′ Then I created the sperm into frozen blood, then turned the frozen blood into meat, then created bones from the meat, then covered the bones with meat, finally renewed it. ′′

After saying so much, Muhammad stopped for a while. It seems that the verse ends here. After writing so much Ibn Saad said, ′′ Allah is the perfect creator, how good is he. I liked the word of Muhammad as soon as he said it and the word matches with the rhythm. Muhammad immediately instructed, ′′ Write this down too Then Saad got confirmed about the hypocrisy of Muhammad. Muhammad does not have the power to change or add the words of Allah. So how did he ask Saad to write his quotes in the Quran?

After this incident, Ibn Saad left Islam and returned to Mecca. Saad told the story openly to everyone. What wrong did Saad do if Muhammad could become a prophet by cheating like this? He also wanted to be a prophet. Anyway, Muhammad couldn’t accept such behavior of Saad. After punishing him, he downloaded the Quranic verses.

Quran 6:93

Who can be more cruel than that person, who lies against Allah or says: Ohi has been descended to me. But no Ohi has come to him and who claims that, I am also sending it down as Allah has sent it down. If you see when the wrongdoers are in the agony of death and the angels stretch out their hands and say, get out your soul! Today you will be punished with insult. Because, you used to lie against Allah and boast of His verses.

Al Badawi describes the above incident in the interpretation of this verse. The same incident is mentioned in Al Iraqi’s Tafsir

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