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Bd Love Story 2021 Part-6

Bd Love Story 2021

And do not look back. Looking back, only Maya will grow and nothing more. Cyan Tuli is watching Abir go.

“How holy is the love of Abir. There is no base. Yet the love of Abir has not been fulfilled. The satisfaction that is found in getting the man of love is only a few days.

Tuli is sitting in the car with a sullen face. Cyan is diving.

“What happened to Tuli?”

Tuli says with a swollen cheek

“No talking

“What did I do again

“I will not say that

“If not, how do I know?”

“That’s right. I’m fine

“Hmm, please

“I’m sick, you have no worries. The doctor doesn’t want to see you either. Will he run out of money? Look, my father has money. I’ll pay for my father’s treatment.”


“Well done

“Do it


Bd Love Story 2021

“Why are you angry?

“What happened to you?”

“Nothing happened to you, Tuli.”

“Then why does my head hurt? Why does my body feel weak? How does it feel?”

“There are reasons

“What a reason

“I’ll tell you

“Hmm,” he said

“I will make a football team

“I made it when I died

Cyan stops the car. Agni looks at Tuli

“What did I do again?”

“What did you say right now?

“I do not know

“Tell me why

“I’m sorry


Tuli grabbed his ear and said with an innocent face

“I do not know

Cyan smiled and hugged Tuli.

“My brush is pregnant

Tuli shrugged and moved away


“Beating? If I was pregnant, I would have vomited
“Vomiting does not always occur during pregnancy.

“You know how

The doctor said


“I’ve been teasing you for a few days now. How are you? I doubted. I called the doctor. I took you for a checkup that day. But I didn’t tell you. Everyone in the house knows except you.”

“I am really pregnant

Tuli jumps into the car. Cyan sits down

“If I jump, I will break my leg.

“I’m angry
Tuli got out of the car.
“I will not talk to you

It will continue

I will finish in another part #my crash

Mahim Masum
Mahim Masum born on 2002 is an Bangladeshi Musician artist who has made a big name in the digital marketing world. Mahim is an artist, entrepreneur, blogger, web designer, to name a few. he was born and brought up in Shipchor, Madaripur, Bangladesh. Since childhood, he had keen interest in trying new things. His classmates recall that his thinking style was different than many other individuals in the class. He never hesitated in experimenting


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