But it didn't! Don't care, he acted like this! No matter - Newsteamincecto But it didn't! Don't care, he acted like this! No matter - Newsteamincecto
March 6, 2021, 5:44 pm

But it didn’t! Don’t care, he acted like this! No matter

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Tahsan was in the eyes of the girls, a man like food. I have seen no other celebrity in Bangladesh has as much female fanbase as this gentleman has. Even then, there is no drop of women scandal in his life. One media man, then such a big star, University professor. Don’t bring girls everywhere. Even after having so many opportunities, he has never cheated his girlfriend and his wife after marriage. Say love or after marriage about she was stingy. How much did you respect the relationship? Think a person can be such a clean character even after having so many opportunities! Learn from him how to bet on the trust of the people close to you in adverse situations. If you want, you can keep yourself loyal in any bad situation. Actually the good and the bad are within themselves… 🖤

His family did not last even after so much love. Separation takes a turn. He didn’t sarcasm his wife even after the separation. Didn’t stay with the findings of flaws, finding faults. However, the yellow journalist’s team could not say anything in the name of his wife even after giving thousands of pressure for the appropriate headline. Every time he thought about the man who made a family with him. Never been disrespectful. Instead he said it first..

′′ The greatest identity is the mother of my child, I can’t say anything about her in any way. No matter how she is!” 🖤

But when the relationship is a little shaken, we post on Facebook. Let me inform the whole person in my friend list. Let’s break my own privacy. I find faults, I find faults and make stories. No matter what situation the relationship is in? Learn how to respect the person above the relationship. 

Then more than one offensive picture of his ex-wife went viral on the internet. Got married to someone from different religion. He could have said so many things if he wanted, since the separation is already ready. She didn’t say anything about her. He answered all in one day at the Bailey Road concert,
Said ′′ I don’t care!”” 🖤

This is how it should be after our separation. It’s stupid to stay with someone who left behind. Thinking about someone who doesn’t care about you! It’s a kind of thing to sacrifice self esteem. His chance was to take revenge for how much he was insulted in front of the people of the country during the separation. But it didn’t! Don’t care, he acted like this! No matter how bad the situation is after separation? Can’t be a head sweating. One Kind Of ′′ Mara Khak! What is mine? 🙂

A Tahsan means a full package of trust, respect, and self-esteem. 🖤

©️ Tonmoy Shahriar Turjo

Translated from Bengali

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