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March 6, 2021, 5:38 pm

Priyanta, our relationship should be anonymous rather than this

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Priyant I can never express my feelings.
I can’t express what I feel.
This is my problem; previous problem.
I don’t know what you think of me or not
How much do you understand or not?
I don’t even want these.
I just want us to have a regular talk everyday.
But I can’t find any words at the moment of talking to you.
As if my words become silent and make my heart shatter, yet so much of feelings can not stand in front of you.
I don’t know why this happens; why!

I only know that once I saw that moon in the sky I would break down in tears
You taught her to light the moonlight again.
To me you are like that twelve moon in the night sky.
How many times I wanted to touch you with a lot of fascination!
But what do you say to this little Amir Sadhi, I will touch you!
Still I was getting involved with you day by day.

When you cry till the end of the day when you vandalize with a little misunderstanding of service,
I felt that my heart was flowing with a cyclone.
I don’t know what this feeling is called.
I really don’t know why I was so hurt by seeing your eyes and face.
At that moment I wanted to touch your cheeks and kiss your forehead and say never cry; not at all!
But I just looked at you for a moment in an indefinite sight.
I could not tell you anything.

Priyant I didn’t like blue that much.
I didn’t understand how blue became so dear with you after you came.
I feel like it so much right now
A blue saree; blue glass bangles in hand;
And I decorate myself with a blue tip on my forehead. .
Just for you.
Too much thought didn’t I
Haha I’m crazy too one
If not, why do I feel very sad? I would like to sit quietly touching your hand and keeping my head on my shoulder.

I love you so much dear!
But I know this love won’t catch me like a drop of rain in the summer spend.
That’s why I’m constantly fighting with my mind and feelings.
Priyant, I never wanted anything from you.
I just wanted you to smile; laugh out loud. .
I will be fascinated and see that smile.
There is no expectation in all love Priyant
There is no rule that you have to get if you love!
Watching the man from a distance; he’s smiling
What a horrible beautiful smile.
She’s fine; I can see her impressed.
I can talk; say this or less!!

Priyant, you once wanted to know what is the name of our relationship?
I really don’t know what this relationship is called!
But there are so many famous relationships in this city with the feeling of love everyday.
Once again that feeling is breaking up with the form of bitterness.
As a result, even the person you once loved gets lost from far away.
We don’t talk to the person who always talks to us for ages.
Can’t even see each other’s faces.

Priyanta, our relationship should be anonymous rather than this.
Still the feelings should be pure.
May your eyes be seen everyday with those lovely eyes.

|| Anonymous Relationship ||

Written by: সিরাজাম munirā
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